Great ideas are born from great partnerships.

The Sinneave Family Foundation & Autism Speaks Canada

In 2014, The Sinneave Family Foundation, Autism Speaks Canada and the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program, made a commitment to improve employment outcomes for autistic individuals through the Worktopia Project. EmploymentWorks, a legacy of that project, is a shining example of what can be accomplished when a national network of agencies share this same commitment and vision. As of September 2021, EmploymentWorks has reached over 1,100 autistic youth and adults across Canada. The program has benefited from successful delivery in 7 provinces and the learnings of over 150 program cycles. The best news? We haven’t stop there. Our shared accomplishments have resulted in a renewed commitment to expand programming to serve rural and less populated areas through virtual program delivery, and it will soon become even more accessible via a new self-directed online e-Learning course being developed for launch in early 2022. I invite you to explore this website to see how you can get involved in the momentum of EmploymentWorks.

Building momentum beyond the program. On behalf of The Sinneave Family Foundation and Autism Speaks Canada, we would also like to invite you to visit www.worktopia.ca to learn more about a national network working together to CHANGE THE ODDS of employment success for people who identify on the autistic spectrum. Every voice counts.

Tanya McLeod, President
The Sinneave Family Foundation

Jill Farber, Executive Director
Autism Speaks Canada